How To Take A Good Selfie

Go to the camera right now. Browse the short distance until the last time you took selfies. Pause now to observe. You most likely collect between five and 50,000 shots until you have the right one. We all do. That’s because nailing the perfect selfie is not easy; It is the right combination of light, angle, adjustment and photo filters.
We consult with experts in selfies (celebrity vloggers, bloggers and make-up artists) to find out how to make a good selfie. Read on to get twelve tips that will help you lift your selfie game to a higher level.

1. Lighting is everything

It seems obvious, but the first line of the selfie is to pay attention to your lighting. You need good lighting. Natural lighting . Instead of looking at the screen of your computer or television, you go to a window with natural light. Or better yet, go outside and enjoy the glare of the sun (with activated sunscreen). Good lighting can completely eliminate circles and shadows.

If you take your selfie indoors, look for a window. Another thing I do is take a white sheet and hold it under my chin, creating a natural beam, illuminating the face and reducing the double Bugle effect. 

2. Avoid the shadows

“There is nothing worse than having a big shadow,” says blogger and blogger Candice Lake. “In case of doubt, look directly into or out of the sun, when it is noon and the sun is high, the shadows on bags may appear under your eyes.The golden hour to take a picture is during sunrise or sunset, when the light is low and the most beautiful “.

3. Know when to use Flash

Although finding natural light and avoiding shadows are important tips for making a good selfie, there are times when you want to make a selfie and it’s dark. Whether you’re at the club or just sitting on your couch while watching Netflix, how do you get a great selfie in low light? Go to Snapchat. The application has a flash function for the front camera, while the normal photo application on the iPhone does not. Tap Snapchat on the bar in the top left corner and then take your selfie. The screen gives bright white light on your face. It does not look perfect in any way (it gives the photo a subtle blue tint), but at least you can see your face. Once you have saved it on your reel, you can play with the tone to make it a little less blue.

4. Smile as you want to say

“A real smile flashes and no picture looks bad,” says Lake. Do not change your face into a big or forced smile. The natural smile is always better. On the other hand, if you opt for a more serious selfie, then go to Tyra and “try to smile with your eyes”. Lake’s advice to perfect the smize? Practice in front of the mirror until you have it right. You will understand!

5. Take lots of selfies … and we mean A LOT!

The best selfie advice from Kylie Jenner is simply taking selfies. Many selfies. It is said that he takes “I like it, 500 selfies” before I find one that I liked to publish. “Sometimes I’m sorry to put one if I find a better one later, I’m damn, that’s a better picture, but that’s the only thing I regret,” he said. Try to tilt your head in different directions and change the angles between each shot slightly upwards, so that you can choose from a wide variety. And do not forget to make sure the camera is sharp before you start shooting.
You can record your selfie session instead of creating standard images. Instead, press record on the video option and pose far away. After about a minute or two you can scroll through the video and fix it with the best selfie. It sounds crazy, but in fact you can get the best selfie postures in this way (and nobody will ever know the difference!).

6. Play it your way

If there is any advice you should take from Kim Kardashian, this is the following: when it comes to selfies, hold your chin and your camera upright. There are about five people in the world who look good when they shoot under the chin, and we have not met one. Hold the phone while taking a selfie so that the bottom is level. Or better yet, use a selfie stick. They are ridiculous in every way except one: if you hold them high, they make sure that everyone looks slim and supermodels on the photos.
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7. Use the right apps and filters

“I have a weakness for the Valencia [Instagram] filter, it is the most dreamed of all filters and it makes everyone look beautiful”, says Lake, who also recommends the Afterlight app for editing camera phone photos . If you are really serious about selfies, Phan recommends the Samsung Galaxy S5 phone, which has a selfie mode. “It makes everything easy, I take a picture and it automatically sprays my face and makes it clearer,” she says. It is not a shame to edit a picture of yourself before you put it on the ‘Gram’. We also love Facetune, which allows you to subtly blur, shape, shape and define certain parts of your face. Blogger Amanda Steele likes the filters on VSCO, but other great apps are Perfect365 and Adobe Photoshop Fix. Do not you keep your bags under your eyes? Make them gone! Do you want to whiten your teeth? Go for it. A subtle trick on Facetune is to “detail” your eyes, making them look bright and sparkling. What lives on the internet is after all forever.

8. Do not Over-Edit

While we are all working on editing and filtering, do not adjust your selfie to make it look unnatural. Use a very light touch during editing. It is easy to get carried away. Only work out the areas that are clear to you – those small lines around your eyes will make you look human. If you use a filter, you also have the option not to use it at maximum capacity. Instead of just selecting a photo filter on Instagram, click on the filter itself (Amaro, Valencia, etc.) until a scroll bar rises. Then you can reduce the severity of the filter, so that the photo is displayed slightly less edited.

9. Keep in mind your background

The best selfies have interesting backgrounds (Oh, you’re just nonchalant to selfie-ones while you skydive? Great.) Or really, really simple. The middle ground is what is deadly. And beware of photo bombers.

10. Do not think about it

Just relax. A too difficult selfie is never a good one. “The thing about selfies is that you do not want them to be too serious, if your make-up looks like you’ve been doing it for an hour and you look too posed, you’re not doing well,” says Barose. The best selfie postures are those that come naturally to you.

11. Avoid Cliché Selfies

Rule of thumb: if it looks like something a teenager would have done on MySpace around 2004, you should not do it. “No one has to do Kim Kardashian’s face of duck lips,” Barose says. It can give you murderous cheekbones, but it’s time to retire.
Should you be overwhelmed by the urge to put on a kind of faux-gang sign … put your iPhone down and do not let yourself get close to another camera until the urge disappears. People usually rely on these postures because they feel uncomfortable. But Lake has a trick to let go: “If you feel a little stiff, walk away and then step back into the frame and cut quickly, you have less time to be self-conscious.”

12. Embrace Natural Expressions

“Just before you make a selfie, say” yes “in your head or” yasss “when you feel extra brutal, you can also breathe in just as you press the shutter release button for lightly spaced lips and a relaxed expression,” says Liberty … He also recommends keeping your eyes closed until the moment before you take the picture. “Expressions look best when they are fresh.”



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